Traveling makes relationships more fun

Relationships are meant to be kept and best enjoyed through traveling. That’s why last December 8 to 11, 2016, we went on a fun and sweet double date vacation in Hong Kong and Macau.

Ynne and I took advantage of the cold weather and planned a short trip with our close friends and soon-to-be married couple, Mark and Nadia. I met Mark when were still in high school and since then, we became best of friends! He now resides in the United States and this Hong Kong and Macau trip was a long and overdue bonding for us.

It wasn’t my first time to visit this busy city, in fact it was my second time experiencing Hong Kong’s finest food trips and shopping alleys. The first time I visited this place was when I was still in high school together with my grandparents.

As for Ynne, it’s her magical third time in Hong Kong. It  was like her personal Taft Avenue because she studied and had several seminars in this place to get her Advanced Behavioral Analysis training.

All four of us or what we call ourselves the Fantastic Four were already used to the culture of Hong Kong and its touristy spots. We already knew the ins and outs of this special place that’s why we had the time of life during this vacation. We didn’t prepare a checklist for our itinerary and our main goal was just to see Mickey Mouse and go to Macau.

By the way, shout out to my best friend! Hong Kong was extra special because of Mark’s proposal to the love of his life, Nadia.

Here’s a list of what went down on that full of love 4-day vacation:

Dec 8

  • Arrived around 8PM at the airport
  • Checked-in at hotel
  • Tsim Sha Tsui
    • We ate dinner and had some scrumptious barbecue

Dec 9

  • Strolled for an hour from our hotel to the ferries going to Macau
  • Macau day

Here’s a nice and fun story while we were lost looking for the bus to ride going to the different sights in Macau. There was a Filipino woman who approached us and asked if we wanted a tour guide. We decided to take advantage of her offer and haggled the rate she initially offered. She brought us to different casinos like Wynn, The Venetian, Sands, Lisboa, and The Parisian Casino and Hotel. What’s great about our Filipino tour guide was that she also knew every schedule of the shows and of course the free bus rides going around Macau.

Macau trip would not be complete without seeing their precious landmark - The Ruins of St. Paul. This experience made me realize that  some of the best experiences takes place when you’re adventurous.

Dec 10

  • Disneyland Hong Kong

Definitely a great experience to have friends along in Disneyland! Most of all, we were lucky enough that there were no long lines on the rides that day. We were able to maximize our time, enjoy Disneyland, and take pictures the whole day! We even had the time to watch the Afternoon parade, the Lion King show, and the Evening Parade.

  • Mark’s proposal

The most special moment was when my best friend Mark, asked me on the spot to call a crowd and requested for them to form a circle in front of the Castle. Then right then and there, he got down on his knee and proposed to his girlfriend Nadia. She said, yes! Then the crowd full of tourists and locals cheered and appreciated the sweetest moment of Mark and Nadia’s relationship as they embark in a new step, engagement.

Dec 11

  • Tsim Sha Tsui and Monkok, Kowloon

We strolled around the crowded streets of Tsim Sha Tsui and ate their famous street foods. Lastly, our Hong Kong trip wouldn’t be complete without going to Mongkok to buy pasalubongs.

Dec 12

  • Flight Home

Hong Kong and Macau trip is one for the books. For those of you thinking about traveling soon in these places, go for it! It’s worth the vacation.