From Singapore to Thailand

What goes to mind when you think about Singapore? For me, I think about Marina Bay Sands or Merlion. When people ask me about Thailand, I think about their gold temples and the food at Khao San road. That’s why on the Summer of May 18 to 26, 2016, my friends and I decided to go to Singapore and Thailand through a group vacation.

If you saw my previous posts, you would know that I usually travel with Ynne or my family. But this time, we had a big group of friends. One thing I noticed was that when you travel with your friends or a large group, the pacing is a bit slow. You have to wait for everyone. Even our toilet break takes a lot of time. There’s a lot of waiting game unlike when there’s just two of you traveling.

But nevertheless, there are also great things when you travel with your friends. And that is the bonding and laughter that never ends. All seven of my friends, Ed, Lea, Charlie, Nixy, Awen, Ynne, and of course myself toured and pigged out around Singapore and Thailand throughout our 9-day trip out of the Philippines.

Here’s a list below of the amazing itinerary Ed Matias prepared for us to follow on those days:

May 18

  • Arrived in Singapore with Ed
  • Slept at Ynne’s flat
  • Watched Civil War

May 19

  • Checked-in at Marina Bay Sands Hotel
  • Infinity Pool at the top floor
  • Overlooking view of Marina Bay Singapore
  • Watched X-MEN Days of future past

May 20

  • Nixy, Awen, Lea and Charlie’s arrival
  • Orchard Road
  • Marina Bay
  • Merlion Statue

May 21

  • Sentosa
  • Luge

May 22

  • Adventure Cove Water Park

May 23

  • Universal Studios Singapore

May 24

  • Thailand flight
  • City tour (Pratunam Market)

May 25

  • Half day tour – Floating Market and elephant ride at Damnoek Saduak
  • Club hopping in Bangkok

May 26

  • Full day – Ayutthaya day tour (Temples, shrines, and monuments)
  • PM – flight back to Manila

No matter where I am, may it be just out of town or out of the country, my usually mood is light and fun. I make sure I have a great time every time I’m on a vacation. Singapore and Thailand gave that feeling of awe. Singapore made me realize to be focused more on my goals in life to achieve success. While Thailand made me feel more cultural friendly and treat each day like it was my first.