How are you mate? As for me, I’m doing great! Yes guys, finally I was able to experience the air in Melbourne, Australia. For a total of 6 days from April 18 to 23, my friends and I was able to roam round the city and saw some of the coolest destinations Australia can offer.

First on the itinerary was meeting and spending bonding time with RC Esperas, one of my childhood neighbors and close friend who now resides in Melbourne. On the next few days, we met with uncle Mike Pia and his wife Core Pia. They were very welcoming and kind that we had a free accommodation at their flat. Plus, we got to experience the Great Ocean Road Trip with this lovely couple.

We were already a bit tired from the Sydney trip but nonetheless we reminded ourselves that we were in a different country and that we have to enjoy the most of every tour. What’s great about this trip was that RC Esperas toured with us by driving around using his car.  It was a really convenient vacation because RC took care of our very reliable transportation. We didn’t need to think about how to go to places because RC and his family was there to tour us anywhere we went.

Also, one of the most unforgettable and unbelievable sights we have experience was encountering the koalas and kangaroos up close.

To know more about our Melbourne,Australia 6-day fun trip, please see a snapchat of our itinerary below:

April 18 (Tuesday)

  • 2:30pm arrival through Jetstar
  • Our friend, RC Esperas picked us up from the airport with a car. (Yay!)
  • 3:30pm - Straight to Melbourne Star (Melbourne’s Ferris Wheel)
  • 4:00pm - 6:00pm - Walked to Melbourne Docklands
    • Wonderful sight of sailboats and yachts scattered throughout the dock area
    • straight to Etihad Stadium – then walked to Southern Cross Station. The largest train station in Australia, an amazing structural feat.
  • 7:00pm - Went back to the car, then off to Eureka Skydeck 89.
    • The Highest building in Melbourne. The viewing deck on the 88th floor had a balcony that was open encaged in steel. Nauseating but worth the view.
  • 9:00pm  - He dropped us off at our Airbnb then had dinner at Flinder’s Lane for Aussie Burgers.

April 19 (Wednesday)

  • AM – Ballarat Wildlife.
  • Where Kangaroos freely roamed the vicinity where you could feed them.
  • Had a wild experience of interacting with Koalas
    • One of the Highlights of our trip.
    • PM – Back to Melbourne CBD to the War Memorial where galleries of the previous wars and the history of Australia was displayed.
  • 4:00pm – Flinder’s Train Station
    • one of the best preserved old Victorian Architecture in Melbourne
  • Federation Square
    • Modern Landmark of Melbourne where plenty of events are held
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
    • Majestic Church in the middle of all the bustles.

These 3 landmarks are very close to each other. I was even able to capture one of my proudest travel shots in this area. This is the heart and soul of Melbourne’s central business district. Not my zone, because it was very crowded and busy.

  • Evening – walked through the Yarra River
    • pleasant walk where you pass by a lot of local feels; restaurants, bars and people jogging at night

April 20 (Thursday)

  • AM & PM – Spent the whole day strolling the Melbourne Central Business District
  • Victoria State Library
  • Bourke St., Swanston St., Collins St.
  • Hoiser Lane – Street filled with Street Art
  • Back to St. Paul’s Cathedral
    • Didn’t enter inside the last time, bought crystal like rosaries
  • Uncle Mike Pia, fetched us at Flinder’s Station to their home and spent the whole night drinking and eating home cooked Aussie Scotch Fillet Steak.

April 21 (Friday)

    • 5-hour road trip from Melbourne. It was a rainy day, nonetheless we made the best out of it. But when we reached twelve apostles, it was gloomy but the sun came out!


2nd Stop: ANGELSEA SLSC   


4th Stop: Late Seafood Lunch somewhere we can’t recall


One of the wonders of the world. It was previously 9 pillars that stood to represent the 12 apostles. However, one pillar didn’t live long enough for us to witness it. As of our trip, you can only see 8 pillars standing.

April 22 (Saturday)

  • AM – Brighton Beach Huts
    • One of the landmarks of Melbourne’s plenty beaches.
    • Colorful beach huts lined up
  • PM – Church Lane
    • Long shopping street that has a lot of preserved Victorian facades
  • Evening – Local beer night
    • Bought 6 different local beers to taste before heading home
  • Endless laughs and chatter with the family

April 23 (Monday)

  • Goodbye Australia, one for the books!

Australia is definitely part of my treasure box! I will surely bring all the memories we have experienced in this country until I get old. That’s why if you’re planning a big Asian trip this year, why not choose Australia, I promise you, you won’t regret it.