Sydney, Sydney, Sydney

Cheers! Finally Ynne and I have seen the wonders of Sydney, Australia. From April 13 to 18, we used the itinerary we got from Lonely Planet’s book “Make my Day.” This book was a gem for us because it helped us locate the amazing places that Sydney offers.

It’s our very first time to visit Australia that’s the reason why it was extra special and unique for us. One of the highlights of this vacation was when we went and saw the Sydney Opera house. The soft side of me showed up after watching them perform. It made me a bit teary-eyed to see it up close and personal. This is definitely a must-see if you’re a fan of operas.

Next stop on what we liked about Sydney's Bondi Beach. Our time in this beach gave us so much fulfillment and happiness by just dancing, goofing around, and taking pictures. We were able to enjoy our time at the beach because of the perfect weather and the company of our friends.

Get to know more about what went down on our Sydney vacation through our detailed itinerary below:

Day 1 Thursday (April 13)

  • 10am - Arrived in Sydney through Cebu Pacific
    • Bought sim for data coverage
    • Airbnb check-in
    • Then had a quick chat with the owners
    • Strolled around the harbour
    • first look at opera house & harbour bridge
  • 6pm - went to the airport and fetched Ynne who flew through Scoot
  • 9pm - dinner at an Italian restaurant called The Rocks

Day 2 Friday (April 14)

  • AM - walked to Sydney Harbour Bridge
    • Went to the top viewing deck
  • Surprised to see a spectacular view of the city and opera house
  • Strolled around "The Rocks" area where there were a lot of old preserved Victorian houses (old european style facades) and mini parks full of green scenery
  • PM - Queen Victoria Building
    • Shopping mall considered as one of the oldest preserved Victorian building in Sydney
      • A lot of branded shops, local restaurants, and cafes inside
  • Back to Circular Quay for a stroll around the docks
    • Took a lot of photos and ate dinner afterwards

Day 3 Saturday (April 15)

  • AM - Bondi Beach
    • Took the train from Circular Quay which took us 40 minutes to get to Bondi
    • When we saw the beach, hearts pounded in excitement and awe of the place. Another bucket list ticked!
    • Walked at the Bondi - Congee Trail and found a huge gem where there were a lot of rock formations and cliffs
    • The waves were so majestic that different shades of blue were crashing across the edges.
    • Went back to Bondi beach, laid down our towels, spent the rest of the morning chilling in the sand, listening to the waves, dancing, and a lot of pictorials.
  • PM - went back to our Airbnb, got ready for our Opera Night in the OPERA HOUSE
  • Along the way, took a side trip to PADDINGTON MARKET
    • Markets selling trinkets and local paintings
    • It was worth the visit to see a small bustling market full of local handcrafts
  • Back to AIRBNB to freshen up then off to Opera House

The show was entitled "CARMEN". I actually never read anything about the show. We just wanted to experience how it was watching an opera in one of the best opera houses in the world. To our surprise when the show started, it wasn't in English. It was in French, and there were subtitles scattered in little screens around the area. Most breathtaking and amazing part of the night, was the the huge fireworks display.

Day 4 Sunday (April 16)

  • AM - Taronga Zoo
    • 15-minute ferry ride to Taronga Zoo
    • Huge zoo that you wouldn't see every attraction in just one day
  • PM - Spent the whole night at the balcony of our AIRBNB where the view of the city was spectacular
  • Bought local wines and beers at the shops in Circular Quay and drank the night away
    • Had a chat with the owners and got to know more of the Aussie living and lifestyle

Day 5 Monday (April 17)

  • AM - Toured the heart of the city by foot.
    • Went inside the malls and searched every corner to feel the culture of Australia
    • You’ll see lot of performances around the city
  • PM - Manly Beach
    • 20-minute ferry ride to Manly Beach from Circular Quay

The Manly Beach wasn’t originally on our itinerary but a friend suggested this destination and amazingly it didn’t disappoint. If you go to this place, you would enjoy the wharf area because of it's alive nature. When we were there, we spent 15 minutes listening to one musician performing while he was drinking coffee. Then we strolled on the beach and took a lot of pictures. Afterwards, we ate dinner by the beach.

April 18 - Flight to Melbourne (via Jetstar)

If I had a choice, I would have stayed in Sydney and spent all of my savings in their restaurants, shops, and their sights. But just like any other trip, this has to end as well. :( Definitely and great choice to visit Sydney and get to experience their culture. Hopefully, one day I get to see and spend more days on this country.